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Sewcialites2 QAL: Week 8

January 30, 2023

It’s been a little bit since I updated with my new blocks, so here we go! I was sick right after the new year and that really slowed me down in everything! Once I started feeling better, I ran into some big problems when I started piecing Block 8 (Interwoven by Shereece Nicole). The block is beautiful and lovely, but the number of fabrics and the fact that each of the flying geese is different was a challenge. Part of the problem was that I was overly confident in my ability to get the right fabrics in the right places without labeling them. I had managed fine for the whole QAL without labeling my fabrics, but it would have helped me out a lot with this block. Since I’m making the 3-inch size, some of the pieces are really small and my first attempt to get everything to line up was a big fail.

I actually put a pause on this block and did the Week 9 block because that one was more straightforward. I shared my experience in the Sewcialites Lounge on Facebook, and a very nice participant shared an alternate piecing option that he had used. It eliminated a set of seams, which was really appealing to me, given the small block I was working with. He didn’t have exact measurements for the 3-inch size, but I was able to figure it out based on the block measurements and his photos.

The only thing that was more difficult with the alternate piecing was that I ended up with four Y seams to deal with at the end. I had never sewn a Y seam before so I watched some videos on YouTube to try and figure it out. I had to rip it out a couple of times until I got the first one right, but then it clicked!

Here’s the block. It’s slightly undersized (should be 3.5 inches), but I’ll just deal with that later.

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