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Temperature Blanket 2021

November 24, 2022

Since I’m a meteorologist and am always paying attention to the weather, I started getting intrigued by the various temperature blanket (or embroidery) projects that I saw on Instagram. When Toni Lipsey of TLYarncrafts shared her temperature blanket made of various blocks with linen stitch, I was inspired to make my own (check out her pattern for the Linen Stitch Temperature Blanket).

I decided to go with a more muted palette and chose 12 colors in Encore Worsted. I used data from the official observing site at the Worcester airport for the daily high temperatures. Each block is one month, and each round in the block represents one day.

  1. <25°F Pale Green
  2. 25°–30°F Quarry
  3. 31°–36°F Wedgewood
  4. 37°–42°F Lagoon
  5. 43°–49°F Light Greenhouse
  6. 50°–55°F Fawn
  7. 56°–62°F Purple Dusk
  8. 63°–68°F Pink Heather
  9. 69°–75°F Sand
  10. 76°–81°F French Vanilla
  11. 82°–88°F Amber
  12. >88°F Desert

    Since there are different numbers of days in each month, I added rounds in white (Snow) so each block was 32 rounds. I also used the white for the join. I experimented with a few hook sizes before landing on a 4.5 mm (size 7) hook.

    Overall, I enjoyed the project. It wasn’t too hard to catch up if I didn’t work on the blocks regularly. So now I have a record of every high temperature on every day of 2021 for Worcester, Massachusetts. Pretty cool!

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