Power Zone Fun

After a long week, I was really looking forward to catching up on a PZ ride I had missed last week. It was a 45-min ride, taught by Christine, and it was awesome! After a warm up and zone exploring/setting (for riders who haven’t done their FTP test) we did 5 sets of 10 seconds in zone 6, 50 seconds in zone 3, followed by 4:50 in zone 3 and then active recovery in zone 1. Then repeat. Then the finish (I’ll get to that later). I had so much fun doing those zone 6 intervals! It was hard, especially to go hard and then back off but stay in zone 3 (and not zone 2). But it made me feel really strong and proud. I focused on getting to higher cadences during those pushes, rather than increasing resistance, which was really fun.

Output, cadence, resistance

The ride finished with a 6-min build: 2 min in zone 2, 2 min in zone 3, 1 min in zone 4, 30 s in zone 5, and 30 s in zone 6. Wowsers! You know it was hard when Christine is out of breath right along with you after the effort. Loved her emotion after the push!

PZ graph. Look at those zone 6 spikes!
HR graph. Pleased with my recoveries on this one.

The best part? I decided to hide the leaderboard for the ride and was pleasantly surprised to achieve a 45-min PR!

After doing some cool down riding, I did lower body and hip stretches and then some foam rolling on the calves as my right calf tightened up near the end of the ride. It feels pretty good today, so yay me for stretching. I’m still having trouble with my right glute muscle being really tight. I think it might be the piriformis, so I’ve been doing some stretches to try and get some relief. It never hurts during the ride, just after. Guess I’ll keep stretching and warming up/cooling down to see if that helps.

On the agenda for this weekend: some PZ endurance and then CDE’s live ride Sunday at 12:45.

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