This week(ish) in Peloton

Between work and life, I have to catch up on all things Peloton over the last week or so. Here’s what I’ve been doing.

Thursday (1/23): 45-min PZE

Power zone endurance ride (45 minutes) with CDE. I loved this ride so much. Efforts in Zone 3 and recoveries in Zone 2. Hot and sweaty for sure. When I was done, I felt great and not wiped out at all. Christine talks a lot about “practicing the art of restraint” and not needing to crush every single ride. Knowing my zones makes it so much easier to stay in the efforts that are being cued.

Saturday (1/25): 45-min Low Impact

After being out for a big chunk of the day (hair appointment, eye doctor for E, picking up E’s friend for a sleepover, and grocery store), I wanted to make sure I got a ride in. While the homemade lasagna was in the oven, I did a 45-min low impact ride with CDE. I wanted to keep it light because of the ride I was planning for the next day (more on that below). More of the art of restraint and more feeling great when I was finished! It’s so important to have these lower impact, lower zone rides added into the mix to prepare for really tough, challenging rides.

Sunday (1/26): 60-min Climb (live!)

Sundays at 12:45 are one my favorite times of the week. I can rarely ride live with CDE during the week because of my schedule, so I’ve made it a point to block off this time every week to ride with her and my Peloton tribe mates. The high fives from my friends during these rides are incredibly motivating. When things get hard, and knowing that there are other people experiencing the same thing at the same time…it keeps me going! This was my third 60-min climb, and even though I knew it would be hard, I was ready for it: “invite it” as Christine says about feeling uncomfortable. It was a tough ride, but I finished strong (look at the sprint at the end!) and was really proud of my effort.

Thursday (1/30): 30-min PZ

This week was a hard one, mostly because of some stuff happening at work. I was really glad I was able to get on the bike on Thursday for a 30-min power zone ride with CDE. Efforts in zone 4 were challenging, but manageable. One thing I will be focusing on in future PZ rides are smoothing out the output wiggles and staying more consistent in my peddle stroke. I have noticed that my right glute get pretty sore after riding, so I’m guessing that side is way dominant, which means I need to work on evening out my stroke with my left leg. I also need to start stretching more regularly.

Saturday (2/1): 30-min PZE & Walk/Run

On Friday night, Sandy suggested that the next day, we should ride and then go to the gym so I could try some kind of walk/run to see how that felt after being so consistent in my Peloton riding over the last five months. I used to run regularly but haven’t done any running in well over a year. I was curious to see how well my endurance and cardio on the bike would translate into running. Since I’m prone to shin splints, I wanted to do some kind of intervals to ease my legs into things, so I picked a walk/run class with Robin. I also tacked on a walking warmup and cool down. I rode a 30-min power zone endurance ride with CDE with efforts in zone 3 (4, 5, and 6 min) and zone 2 recoveries. Then we headed to the gym, where I used the app with my preloaded classes on the treadmill there. It was pretty cool that the app now integrates with the Apple Watch, so I could track my heart rate and pace the entire time. I really surprised myself with the walk/run class. It started with some short (15 sec) intervals with a walking recovery and progressed to 30-sec intervals, 60-sec intervals, and finally 30-sec intervals, but at a faster pace. I hit some pace numbers that I don’t think I had ever seen before on a treadmill (and probably haven’t seen period since I ran track in high school). It was a great feeling, and I’m looking forward to exploring more of the walking and running options. I can say that I can see where having a Tread to do these classes would be amazing, as the treadmill at the gym takes FOREVER to change speed and incline. I was able to make it work though, but now I’m dreaming dreams of a Tread!

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